Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Trunk or Treat...SMELL my feet

My mom's church had a chili cook-off this past weekend. We decided since we're beginning to join the land of the living again with all our illnesses mostly subsiding (I'm battling a nasty cough now), that we'd join the fun. We had the boys bring their costumes and the cars in the parking lot were decorated and church members passed out candy. Nolan really enjoyed it. He did it last year at our church but I don't think he remembered it.

I'm going with the coordinated outfits as long as they'll let me. Last year, Nolan was a cowboy and Campbell was an indian (Awww). This year Nolan is a fireman and Campbell is a dalmation (awwww again). I don't know how much longer they'll let me do it, but so far it's been fun and they look so adorable. Campbell's costume is like a jumpsuit made to withstand Tundra temperatures. I bet he burns some serious calories in that suit....maybe I should borrow it? Hmmmm. Nolan's is plastic made of the same material as a slip-n-slide and sticks to him.

Well, Sunday afternoon was pretty warm. Campbell was in his costume TOPS 15 minutes. I checked and took his hood off and it looked like I had just taken him out of the bathtub or pool! His hair was soaked! Bless his heart, the things I make him do to look cute. I'm praying for a cold Halloween night! Otherwise, I might have a couple of stinky feet trick-or-treaters!

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