Saturday, October 31, 2009

Happy Halloween!!!

So it wasn't a cold night after all...well at least most of the night. Campbell sported his costume and didn't put up one stink about it. Nolan loved his costume but we did have a little talking to after he was mad about the "soot" that I put on his face. I think he thought I was putting real makeup on him and no fireman he knows wears makeup. But once we got past that, we went to trunk-or-treat at our church and had a blast. My mom could open up her own Halloween store and decorated her trunk. All the kids loved it. Campbell didn't really care about any of the decorations, he was more interested in playing on the stairs. That's always fun chasing a 26 lb dog up and down the stairs.

We ate hot dogs and Nolan did a cake walk and just loved every minute of Halloween at church. We made it home barely able to drive to our house our neighborhood was so jam packed. Our neighbors really do it up. So we decided to actually go trick-or-treating since we've only visited trunks this year. Campbell of course fell asleep on the way home after church. Poor thing was so exhausted. We just went around the block. Everything was going well until we got to the last house...strob lights, some guys with blood running down his face, and chasing kids with a chainsaw....REALLY is that necessary? Of course, Nolan was completely freaked while Campbell is totally oblivious. I'm afraid I'm going to have nightmares after that one myself though, I can't blame him. What a fun FILLED night. Whoever thought of adding that extra hour of sleep on Halloween night is a genius.
Campbell on the way home from trunk-or-treat getting ready to trick-or-treat.

Campbell's reaction after seeing himself in the mirror for the first time. This is after wearing it all night!

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