Monday, November 2, 2009

Carving time

Friday night was carving night. We've been talking about it for over a week with Nolan. He was so ready to get into that pumpkin! I had to convince him that we already have enough pumpkins at home every time we went to the grocery store for the past month. Usually I'm just a bystander in the midst of this artistry but with Justin's hand in a splint thingamajig for the past month, he needed backup this year. Nolan drew the face of the pumpkin and we went with it.

Campbell had no interest in the pumpkin (as you can see in the pictures) until he saw the guts and then was interested for a whopping 5 minutes. I don't remember pumpkin carving taking so long but with one of us handicapped (Justin physically and me artistically) and the other one chasing Campbell it was a pretty long ordeal. Campbell didn't get to see our finished product until the next morning.

Nolan was really into it until we put the candle in it and turned off the lights. That made him think twice about his friendly little pumpkin.

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