Sunday, November 8, 2009

Jumping jelly beans

My nieces' birthdays are about a week apart so usually my sister celebrates them with one party. This year the girls wanted a gymnastics party at a gym where they get to jump around with six trampolines everywhere in the ground. Nolan was timid at first and then at the end we couldn't get him to leave. He loved it. His hair was drenched with sweat and they both crashed on the way home. Campbell RAN everywhere (and let me say, this chubby boy doesn't run too much unless it's something he's really into). Justin and I even took part in the fun. I wish I would have snapped some pictures of Justin doing a cannonball into the noodle pool. Oh, I think he misses being a kid a lot. Kids shouldn't have all the fun, right?

Avery turned 9 on Oct. 25th

Madison doing a toe touch...awww I remember those days in cheerleading.

Ok, so here's my attempt 12 years out of high school and out of a cheerleading uniform. Hey, it's not perfect, but I'm 30 people!

jumping jelly bean

Campbell even loved jumping too!

Adalyn turned 11 on Nov. 4th

Nolan in the noodle pool having a blast.

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