Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Church Thanksgiving dinner

Every year our church does a Thanksgiving dinner and we go. It's potluck style but let me tell you, I wear my elastic pants to this dinner. It is such good grub and it's so wonderful to spend the dinner with our church family. They are truly one of the things that we are most grateful for. We go to a small church but where we're small, we make up with heart. We just got a new minister at our church, Rob Morris, who was my brother-in-law's roommate at TCU and my youth group sponsor during church camps for years. He's been so amazing for our church and we're so excited that we're growing and so many young families are coming.

This year, Campbell got a little festive with his turkey hat he made at school. Once we were at the dinner, he definitely preferred the green bean casserole. All the ladies at church sneak him in some desserts when we're not looking and he just loves them for that. After dinner, he started playing with another little girl named Evelyn. One or both of them has a crush. It was short of a make out session during the middle of the church dinner. Once again, those McDonald boys...

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