Thursday, August 12, 2010

Goodbye Daggett

Say it isn't so…summer is wrapping up. I mean that only in school terms, not in terms of weather. Summer in Texas doesn't stop until October.

I have some big news. I'm changing schools! It's bittersweet. I love Daggett Elementary. It's was my first school where I taught. It held my hand when I thought I made the worst mistake of my life by making a career change from the corporate world of merchandising. It put teachers in my life that I cherish and will always consider friends. And the kids. I only pray that the kids at my school will be as sweet and smart as my kids at Daggett. Well, minus a couple ;).

I'm so thankful for my time there and what it's done for me to help me grow as a person and a teacher. I have so many memories. In the three years that I was there, I had a baby, I lost a very dear co-worker of mine, and I celebrated Daggett's centennial. Did you know that Daggett is the second oldest school in AMERICA (that's been open consecutively)?!? Here we are, can you see me smiling?

As I was packing up my classroom, I had one of those I hope this is a good decision moments. I don't know if it is, but I just have to believe that it is.

We had a little summer get together and a little goodbye party. I love these girls. They make me laugh, calm me down when a kid drives me crazy, and they give me wonderful ideas. They are my family during the day.

Here is my 5th grade team. We had everything set this year to be a team and each teach different subjects. Then I go and mess everything up by leaving. I will miss these girls so much. You can count on them for ANYTHING.

And it wouldn't be a party without a dessert. We had some bite size sopapilla cakes that were DE-LISH!

As much as it hurts to leave, the excitement about my new school is hard to contain. It's half the driving distance from my house, they offer child care for their teachers, and it's an exemplary school! Triple bonus is that eventually the boys get to go to school with me! I feel like this was really a door opening that I couldn't close. I only pray that my experience at my new school will be as rewarding and dear to my heart.

Thank you Daggett for all the wonderful memories!

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  1. Sounds like it was a good decision! It is always nice to change things up every once in a while too!



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