Friday, August 6, 2010

Superhero to the rescue!

In a house full of boys you can only imagine the amount of bruises, bumps and boo boos that happen in our household. I had to get really creative really fast on how to distract them from their melodramatic ways after every little bump. First it was the boo boo train, a handy little ice pack we put in our freezer for those boo boos that are bigger than just mommy's kisses can cure.

But I resorted to spanking...hear me out. Spanking whatever it was that hurt them. Walls, chairs, floors, and especially those pesky toys have all be spanked in our house plenty of times. Works like a charm every time. Oh, and having a brother with superhero strength spanking skills always helps too.

I can't get Nolan to take this costume off. Justin even let him wear it to Chick-fil-a one night on one of their boys' nights. You can't help but smile.

1 comment:

  1. Oh my stinkin' cuteness! Your boys are so cute!! That laugh made my day. And the superhero outfit is GREAT!



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