Thursday, August 19, 2010

Boys and their toys

There is something about having kids that makes you take a new perspective on things. Trees are miraculous in their eyes, motorcycles are amazing and don't even get them started on firetrucks. I mean really, we talk about them all.the.time. since our visit to the fire station. I don't think I've ever seen the inside of as many firetrucks in my life as this summer. This time made it #3 for us, but it has yet to get old for the boys.

The boys went to a birthday party for one of our close family friends. We knew that a firetruck would make an appearance at the birthday party, and it's all Campbell talked about for days. He greeted me with "I see fireworks (aka firetrucks) mommy?" every morning.

So finally the big day arrived and it was all they could have imagined. By the way, what a fabulous idea. The firetruck stopped by for about 20-30 minutes FREE and the kids climbed all over it and they even gave goodies to the kids. Yet another reason why I love firefighters.

It was blazing hot (no pun intended) but they didn't even care it was over 105 degrees outside.


It took a good 5 minutes convincing Campbell to give another kid a shot at "driving" the firetruck. He was not happy about giving up that driver's seat.


Finally, the heat was a little too much and we thought we might have to use the hose to hose all of us off.

We all went inside and cooled off. It was definitely a party that the boys won't soon forget.


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  1. Oh your boys are just so handsome! I love all your pics. Have a great weekend :)



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