Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Duck Duck Goose

It was one of those weeks. You know when you put your head down on your pillow and you think about your day and feel like all you did was yell at your children. Please tell me I'm not alone. I felt awful. It all boiled down to one thing. Weather. This insanely ridiculously hot weather. It's too hot to even go check the mail. The boys were running crazy in the house driving me nuts and just had huge case of cabin fever.

I knew that I had to get them out but didn't know how I was going to make it without melting. So after I cleaned up dinner, we went to get some ice cream at Sweet Sammie's. Wow, you pick out your own cookies and ice cream and get to make your own ice cream sandwich. Although, Nolan doesn't like ice cream (I know, it almost makes me think he's not mine).  It definitely helped cool me down.

Even at 7:30 at night, our car said the temperature outside was 107. I know it wasn't that hot but the heat index definitely made it feel like that. We couldn't handle another day of the heat keeping us from having some fun, so we headed to the park at 8:00 at night to feed the ducks at Trinity Park. I would have gone at midnight but figured that probably wasn't conducive to duck feeding.


Those boys were launching that bread like they were Nolan Ryan on the mound.

Then we heard some loud quacking and we caught a glimpse of a herd of geese in the distance.


In the cutest fashion, we observe a little duck parade doing their march and waddling just as fast as their little webbed feet would let them.


I'll admit that since some of them were the size of Campbell, I was a little very nervous about what they would do to my little Campbelloni holding a loaf of bread. So we played it safe and stayed up high.

My boys needed this. I needed this.  It was the perfect thing for us to do to get out of the house, get outside, and make me feel like a good mom again. For the first time that week, my head hit the pillow without guilt.


  1. Don't worry- I'm right there with you! Case and I just talked about this the other night as we started having the same feelings.
    By the way, I want a Sweet Sammie's up here! What a cool concept!

  2. YEs, we've all had days like that. You are so not alone!



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