Thursday, August 26, 2010

Wishing for fishin'

My poor son has been asking me to go fishing since Memorial Day weekend. Tonya, my sister, lives on over 25 acres just south of town and I told him that we'd go soon. Well, then life happened. Swim lessons, t-ball, 100 degree heat,  and most importantly Tonya was diagnosed with breast cancer. We packed up the family and I cooked dinner for her and her family after her first round of chemo. And so the boys finally got to go fishing.


I think Nolan thought it was going to be more exciting. He doesn't know yet that fishing is a whole lot of waiting. Just as they were about to give in, Justin caught the biggest fish he's ever caught. His Daddy Mack would have been so proud. Nolan kept talking about how dirty that fish was. There was lightning all around so they threw the fish back and headed back. 

Of course the camera battery died and so I barely have any shots of them but my niece Madison did catch this one. He's like a little kid, so proud of his catch!

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