Sunday, January 25, 2009

Law and Order

A few weeks back, Justin got a jury summons. He hasn't been called since he's lived in TX so I'm amazed that he's gotten out of it this long. I told him how it wouldn't be so bad and that when I was summoned I was out of there by 11:00 a.m. Well he reports and they tell him to come back the next day because they knew they weren't going to get to his case. So he shows the next day and waits around until 1:30 before the lawyers are even ready for the case.

He calls me at 3:45 and tells me that they're not even half way through questioning people for the jury. I encourage him to act like he has an imaginary friend and answer questions with crazy answers. He assures me that he's trying. :) At 6:45 he's finally been released and guess who calls and tells me he got selected. Oh and the trial is supposed to last at least 4 weeks. Thankfully his boss was extremely understanding and knew that it was out of his control.

Now we're two weeks into the trial. It's been hard for him to get the boys to school and then downtown on time but he's doing it. I must say that it sure is nice to have him home by 5:00 though.

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