Saturday, January 24, 2009


When Nolan got promoted to a big boy bed when I was pregnant with Campbell, we were a little concerned about him getting out of the bed and roaming the house during the middle of the night or the crack of dawn. So we made a really big deal about how he can't get out of bed unless mommy and daddy come up to his room (or of course to go potty). So for a long time, we would hear him yelling, "I HAD GOOD DREAMS MOMMMY!" when he was really to get precious.

He doesn't do that as much now but we always ask him about his dreams in the morning since he's prone to have some pretty nasty nightmares. This morning I asked him if he had good dreams and he responds, "I told Daddy that I didn't have any dreams last night!" I said, "Really? I wonder where they went." He responds (without pause), "They went to someone else's house." Where does he get this stuff?

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