Saturday, January 3, 2009

New Bike

Santa brought Nolan his red bike that he asked for and so we've had fun taking him out for rides. It's a lot of work teaching a kid to ride a bike. Partly because my thighs are quivering and my back is aching (yes, I know that it's sad) and partly because it's hard to explain how to do it. We skipped the tricycle phase so it was really like starting from scratch. Gram and Pop had a tricycle in Kentucky so he practiced around the house and it really seemed to help. Now he can actually peddle AND steer!

Before Santa brought his bike Nolan saw his friend Hank riding his red bike out the window one day and he said very matter-of-factly, "That is the bike I'm going to get." At that point, I had failed to ask him what color he wanted, thank goodness he said red because that's what Santa brought!

I can't help but think of my all-time favorite skit on Saturday Night Live when Nolan has on his helmet. Let's pay tribute to Hyper Hypo.

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