Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Don't forget the Lyrics

I would be a pretty bad contestant on this TV show...especially if it came to nursery rhymes. I'm terrible! I know like every other word or replace words with incorrect ones...it's quite humorous. One day when my best friend Angi and her husband were over I was telling them this exact story. Later that night, Nolan was singing a song and I started singing with him "Where is Bumpkin" instead of "Where is Thumpkin"...case in point.

Last night, I had single parent duty and was putting Nolan to bed. He loves Dumbo right now and loves a really sweet song that Bette Midler sings called "Baby Mine". Justin knows every word and sings it to him every night. So he asked me to sing it since Dad was at a church meeting. I tried to tell him it's going to be bad because I don't know the words. He convinces me that I know it. My kids are the only people that I feel comfortable enough to sing around...I know they don't mind my tone deafness. So I sing the first line and hum the next line and switch off and on between humming and words. I think he felt sorry for me.

Nolan: Don't worry mommy you will learn it when you grow up and get bigger.

Me: Oh yeah, well how do I get bigger?

Nolan: You eat broccoli

Me: (laughing hysterically)

I guess that's better than another time when I sang it and he said "No mommy, go get Daddy."

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