Friday, January 16, 2009

You forgot

Nolan has a steel trap memory. Months after almost being in a horrible wreck and seeing an SUV roll two times, Nolan would still bring it up and to this day knows exactly where it happened when we pass the same spot. So it's not shocking that he is an All-star memory match game player. It's unusual for him to lose. He will always let the other person go first. I think it's because he knows their fate and feels sorry for them. Usually, I'll say, "WOW, you beat me Nolan! Good job!" And he'll reply, "Yea, I 'bit' you."

Well apparently, Justin was on a roll the other day and actually beat him (it's that male competitive spirit coming out in him...even with a 3 year old as the competitor). And Nolan says, "Hey you forgot to let me win." I think he thinks that we've been letting him win...but he's really been beating us!

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