Monday, January 26, 2009

Say Ma-ma!

Guess who said their first word? It's got to be mama, right? I mean I carried him for almost 40 weeks, went through labor, delivered him and nursed him all hours of the night for half a year. I better be the first word for goodness sakes! Ummm, guess again! Da-da wins! I tell Justin not to get too big of a head now that both boys' first words have been "Da-da." I tell him that it's proven by speech pathologists that "da" is much easier to say than "ma." That doesn't seem to stop him from gloating. Although I must admit if tables were turned I would be bragging non-stop. Campbell's teachers told me that he's said "ma-ma" twice now but I think they just feel sorry for me because I have yet to hear it! Well I just need to look at it this way. If Campbell wakes up during the middle of the night and says "Da-da" then I'll just have to gracefully bow down because he is definitely calling for his daddy. So I may be a little crushed but maybe I'll get a little more sleep out of this deal!

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