Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Polar Express

There's something about this time of year that makes me just want to wrap my arms around my boys, grab a blanket, climb in bed and watch Christmas movies. The more sentimental the movie, the better and the tighter my snuggles get. Snuggles, or as I refer to them with Nolan...Nolie 'nuggles and with Campbell they're lovingly called Cam Cam cuddles or whatever made up language that comes out of my mouth for that day.

We went to go to the Omni IMAX theater to watch The Polar Express a couple of weeks ago. Nervous is an understatement of my emotions considering that Nolan is still getting over his traumatic 3D theater experience from this summer and Campbell had never been the movies. I did love that we just got to throw on jammies to watch the movie.

Even Dynamo the Dinosaur was all dressed up in his jammies. Now the overall theme for Campbell this particular day was UNCOOPERATIVE. The pictures will tell the story.

Before the movie started they were giving out hot cocoa. It was a first experience for both boys.

How picturesque, right? Sipping cocoa in their jammies about to experience the Polar Express. Well before you think that these outings are perfect for scrapbooking, what you don't see is right after this sip is right when Nolan spit the hot cocoa out the second he drank it all over his jammies.  "Now it's hot, so let it cool," might as well have been, "Hurry drink it really fast and make a big ol' mess on the floor." I guess you could say it got lost in translation.
Once we dealt with chocolatey jammies and spills, it really was quite a cute sight.

We got settled in our seats quickly and the panic started to set in with Nolan. The first 15 minutes were pretty scary for him but soon he was so much into the movie that he forgot his fears. It was an hour and a half of snuggles. I was in heaven. It was the only time Campbell was actually cooperative that day.

Grandma and Granddad came along. My mom is the biggest Polar Express fan there is known to man. This has got to be one of the worst photos ever of my children but it so perfectly demonstrates Campbell's uncooperative attitude that I had to include it.

Photobucket After meeting my sister and nieces for lunch we just happened to see Santa in the parking lot. They had a live reindeer. It wasn't so much Santa we wanted to see but the boys flipped when we saw the reindeer.

Since this is the fourth Santa we've seen in two weeks, I know Nolan must be thinking, "Ok, dude seriously you already know what I want!" But he made sure to tell him exactly what he wanted again. Santa does have a lot of children to remember after all.

The boys absolutely loved Prancer and were wondering where Rudolph was.

Another picturesque moment, right? About one minute after this was taken Campbell ran in a sprint headed straight for a very busy street. I did my best Olympic run after him and let me just tell you, I don't run unless I'm chased. We don't spank very often but this one was definitely justified since it was so dangerous. Yes, I was totally THAT parent that spanked my child in front of everyone. That's when I knew the party was definitely over. We did our walk of shame to the car, packed up and headed home.

Awww, the holidays. Gotta love them.

Next on the agenda..painting. We started painted what seems like a month ago. Justin thought it would be fun to have a little fun with the paint. Nothing that says let's have a Christmas party and company over to our home like a little graffiti on the walls.

Photobucket At least there's no doubt on who lives here and where you can find our elf, Pickles. 

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