Saturday, December 11, 2010

Portable North Pole

If you have a child that really is into Santa or even if they're not, then you really need to check out the Portable North Pole. It proves that Santa knows everything about each boy and girl. He has a book to prove it with some very important information including pictures of them and milestones that they experienced over the year.

Our boys were completely mesmerized when they were able to watch their videos and they want to watch it everyday, multiple times a day! Here's Nolan's message from Santa.

Santa must know that my toddler can't pay attention as long so he's personalized message is shorter and was just the right length. Here's the video for Campbell.

And here's the boys' reactions when they watched for the first time.

The boys make Christmas that much more special seeing it through their eyes. I love living vicariously through them.

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