Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Dear Santa

Oh I dread the day that my boys no longer believe in Santa. I'm completely ok with the fact that some might see them as Britney from Glee when they're in high school still believing in Santa. I'm eating up every second of this time because I know it will not last long. While I'm in the moment I just want to squeeze them and say, "Don't ever grow up! You don't even know how cute you are!" Maybe that's why I'm so obsessed with going overboard on the play-by-play documentation of their lives.

The questions about Santa are starting to come. I mean I can't blame the kid, we've seen four Santas in the past two weeks unintentionally. As for now, he's still believing. And after watching the Polar Express together, he rings the jingle bells that are sporadically spread throughout our home and asks, "Mommy, can you hear that bell?" And I say with complete confidence, "I sure do, honey!" Then I hear him ask his little brother and then explain to him that if you hear the bell that means you believe in Santa. That's when I nudge Justin with my sharpest elbow to make sure he's listening to the insane amounts of cuteness going on before our very eyes.

So despite telling the four Santas in downtown, in the Stockyards, at school, and in a random parking lot what we already wanted for Christmas, Nolan thought we better write him a letter for good measure. I found this adorable stationary at Target last year and Nolan just smiles ear to ear when we get it out.
Since we're still learning to read, I had to help out.

Campbell isn't old enough to write a letter. So what does any other two year old do while their older sibling writes a letter to Santa? Why play the guitar and sing Christmas songs in a rag-tag pajama outfit of course.


Nolan was so proud of that letter and I must say for a Pre-K kid, he's got some beautiful handwriting.

Then he gave it his best slobbery lick. Luckily, it was already addressed to the North Pole and stamped with a candy cane stamp.

With a quick run to our mailbox, the flag was up and the letter is already in Santa's hands.
Photobucket Is it obvious yet that I live vicariously through my children at Christmas?

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  1. Too cute! I wouldn't mind my boys believing for many more years either! ha!
    I wish I knew how to take pics like that with my camera... I have a Nikon but I am a newbie :)



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