Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Top of the mornin' to ya

We put on our green for St. Patrick's and headed out to enjoy the BEAUTIFUL day outside...or as my mother-in-law says a "Camelot" day. We went to Weatherford to eat on the square and do some fun boutique shopping. Before we left Nolan took a picture of Campbell and me in our green attire. Pardon the EXTREME close up but now you know why. You can see my arm in the picture trying to push Nolan back.
Next we were on to Weatherford. The great thing is that since my parents and I work for the same district we have off at the same time and get to do fun things together. We met my parents mid point so we could caravan together. We took the "scenic" route...not on purpose, but my iphone sure did come in the map app. Otherwise, I still might be driving looking for that place. We met my sister and my nieces at a tiny sandwich shop on the square with homemade bread...yummm. We did a little shopping and finished up at the Farmer's Market. It was fun and the boys loved it. It was much better than last July when we went for the Peach Festival when it was 106 degrees outside. I just love small old Texas towns with their town squares and courthouses.

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  1. Is dowtown Weatherford somewhat fun to visit? Jeff and I have thought about going. Looks like you all had a good time. :)



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