Monday, March 8, 2010

Soccer star

Well it's soccer season again. We were going to skip it this spring but when we drove past the soccer field Nolan said, "There's my soccer field!" Oops...we had already missed the deadline. Luckily my neighbor, Courtney, called and said they needed another team member for her son's team. So we're playing in a different league this time, but Nolan really loves that his buddy, Hank, is there to play with him.

We haven't played at all since our last season ended so I was nervous about it but he just acted like he hadn't missed a beat! He still can only kick straight so we better hope one of these days that the goal is actually straight ahead. He scored a goal last year. Who cares if it was for the other team! Usually at least 3 times a game I'm shouting, "WRONG WAY!!!" So we're not exactly David Beckham yet, but he's having a blast doing it! When we were done last week, I told him how great he played and he responded, "I run really fast." I think he thinks that's all it is...running. After that he said, "Mommy, wasn't that a fun adventure? An adventure is something exciting and I was EXCITED!" For someone that hates soccer, I'm really enjoying watching it with Nolan. I guess that's what happens, things become a lot more interesting when it involves your children.

got his game face on
Going straight!
Good game!
Wants to be just like his big brother. He actually has some really good skills!

Love this picture. "Which way is our goal guys?" Even then it's hard to keep straight!
Our soccer star!

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