Monday, March 29, 2010

Family photo shoot

Here they are...our family pictures. They are loooooooooong overdue. We haven't had any taken since Campbell was one month old. Wow, have they changed, Campbell being the most obvious, of course! My very dear friend, Beth, had her precious daughter's pictures taken back when she was in town in December at her grandmother's house and I just loved them. She lives in this adorable quaint neighborhood with beautiful lush trees and her backyard looks like something out of Cottage Living. Since I've known Beth since 5th grade church camp and know her family very well, I asked "Gramma" (as we say it) if she wouldn't mind if we used her yard. She was the best ever. She made cookies (which Nolan probably sneaked in about 10) and was such a gracious host. It was wonderful having a place for the boys to change, go play and even take a break for a snack.

Beth's sister-in-law's mother, Kim Martin (how is that for confusing?), is "just learning" as she puts it, but she is so talented (and humble). She is by far the most patient woman I've met after dealing with ridiculous 30 mph winds and a very stubborn and insistent toddler. Nolan was amazing. It's like he's had a camera in his face his entire life or something?! She even took a couple of shots of Justin and me. We haven't had any done since our engagement and wedding pictures! How sad is that?

I was scared with the wind that they would be disastrous, but I love them and they are extra special that they were taken at a dear friend's home where I had my bridal luncheon. I will treasure these photos always...wind, tantrums and all! Thank you Kim for making wonderful memories to keep forever! Kim keeps adding more photos to her blog so keep checking back.

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  1. Love the pics Andrea!!!! You have a beautiful family. I can't believe how handsome all your boys are. The matching suits were too cute. Happy Easter!



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