Sunday, March 21, 2010

Spring Scrappin' Break

About five years ago, a co-worker of mine made me a scrapbook for Nolan's first year. I really enjoyed putting in the pictures and then once his first year was finished, I wanted to do more. So I went with a friend one night and made fun of the other ladies who had suitcases and backed in their suburbans to come scrapbooking. I called them "super scrappers" and told her never let me become "one of them."

Well, fast forward four years later and I think I'm a self-proclaimed super scrapper. I've really gotten into it and my high school girlfriends and a few others do it too so we use it as an excuse to get together. We used to get together about once a month at a place called Recollections but it's closed so now we're going to long weekend scrapbook adventures and having a blast doing it. My next one is in July at Memory Lane Inn. Check it's amazing! Scrapbooking until crazy hours of the night, a chef that cooks our meals and no kids! You know I love them but that long weekend during the summer after being with them all day everyday is going to be a little piece of heaven. I'm doing a countdown already! We make fun of ourselves and say that we're on "scrap crack."

For Christmas, Justin bought me a software called Sure Cuts a Lot and I'm in love. In scrapbook nerd land that just means a software that allows you to choose a million different fonts, files to use for your scrapbooking. My Cricut has been smokin' this Spring Break. I only got 5 spreads done but considering everything else we fit in this week, I feel proud that I got that much done! We turned our dining room into an office/scrapbook room. Stay tuned for pictures, we're still putting the finishing touches on the room.

Under the Big Top- circus last Aug (I know I'm behind!!)
Take me out to the party (Nolan's 4th birthday)
If family were flowers, I'd pick you (Kentucky family visiting for Cam's birthday)
Hey Batter! (Nolan's obsession with baseball last summer)
What's in a name? (all of the nicknames we call Campbell)

Gratitude (Thanksgiving 2009)

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