Saturday, March 27, 2010

Straight shooter

Today was picture day....all day. First, we had soccer team pictures in the morning and family pictures this evening. Nolan and I went to do soccer pictures before his game and it was the biggest disappointment. I know I'm not a photographer, but I swear I could have taken better pictures with my point-and-shoot camera. First off, they had every child facing the sun and either they were crying (not fussing but literally eyes watering) or they looked like they were half asleep because they were so blinded. I don't think I would have minded so much, but the photographer kept getting frustrated with the kids which irritated me. I'm thinking, "Wrong line of business lady if you're getting impatient with children and you take pictures of CHILDREN!" But then I remembered that I get frustrated daily with my students and I'm a teacher. Hey pot calling the kettle black...but I digress.

I happened to bring my camera. Look at these pictures! Seriously, aren't you feeling so sorry for these poor kids?! The only kid looking is Nolan's teammate who wears prescription sunglasses! Luckily a teammate showed up late so we had to do a retake and they moved them to where they were somewhat facing the sun. These should be very interesting to post later when we finally get them in.

Next was the game. I have to be so careful. You see I was very involved in sports growing up and in high school and was very competitive. So I have to put my "be aggressive" side in my back pocket so I don't become one of those screaming fanatic parents at my child's sports games. So I gave Nolan a little pep talk before the game and said, "Ok today's the day. Let's shoot to make a goal." Well, apparently he was really listening. He got sooooooooo close twice but remember I said that he's a straight shooter so he missed it by just a few inches because the goal wasn't right in front of him.

Towards the end of the game, the ref blew a whistle and the ball was dead but apparently my little MVP didn't hear anything and was on a mission. He was in a zone and just kicked that ball as hard as he could down the field. I guess he didn't notice that there wasn't anyone following him. Then he "scored!" I wish I had a picture of his face. It was absolutely priceless. I've never seen him more proud of himself. I couldn't break his heart and tell him that the goal didn't count. He just kept screaming, "I SCORED! I SCORED A GOAL!" I just ran and gave him a hug and told him how proud of him I was.

That small thing made me realize how much he wants to please me. It warmed my heart and broke it all at the same time. I felt a tinge of guilt that maybe I put too much pressure on him but then I realized that I think it's in all of us to please our parents. Lord knows he got that gene from me. There was nothing worse than disappointing my parents.

So what if his only two goals were once for the other team and once when the ball was dead. I'm still so proud of him. I'm telling you this soccer thing is really growing on me.

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