Wednesday, March 24, 2010

I've got some explaining to do

Ok, you're probably wondering what I'm doing switching my blog around every day. When this blog started almost two years ago (wow, really?), it really was a way to tell about the boys and show off their undeniable cuteness. Can I get an amen? But the more I wrote, the more I really got into it. I realized that this really is my therapy some days and the only way I can get through my life is to laugh at it! If it's not my boys making me laugh, it's a situation that is so terrible that I can only laugh at it. Anyone remember my Central Market story?

As my minister once said, the best sermon out there is to hear, "Me too!" We just want to hear from other moms, that yes, it's completely normal to want to lock yourself in a closet some days. We all just want to be validated. Oops, there goes my educator side slipping out again. I started daydreaming about it and thinking maybe I should try and make more of this! So maybe wanting to be the next "Dooce" is a little big, but hey we can all dream a little, right?!

I began doing some research online and I've found some really amazing sites that both inspire me and make me feel COMPLETELY inadequate. Blogging for dummies doesn't even cover it for me. Is there something like blogging for idiots...that's more my style.

I recently came across a blog that I'm in love by Amanda and maybe I love it so much because she's into all the things that I am...which automatically makes her cool. Although by looking at everything she's into, I think she might live on Red Bull with all her talents she can fit in. Again...feeling inadequate. She was so gracious and gave me some tips to implement but trying to fit it all between being a full time mom, full time teacher and church is the problem. I'm lucky to find time to write a post, much less "spice" up my blog.

So I'm taking baby steps (and I mean baby). I'm adding more features, personalization, and just trying new things that I think entice new readers. So spread the word, at least you can promise a good laugh!  Look for some changes as I figure this thing out.


  1. You go girl! I love your blog & will definitely spread the word. If I ever get my act together, I wll follow in your footsteps and you can be the wise old owl to help me when/if that ever happens. Maybe I can talk Ryan into guest blogging for me some more? He seems to get the most comments. :-) Ha! Anyway, love the new look! You've inspired me to update my blog. Now I just have to find the time to do it!

  2. Love the "new" blog andrea!!! I remember the "central market" story vividly. This is when I first began to read your blog. Thanks for allowing me to make rookie mom mistakes and feel okday about it. You're the best!



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