Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Peach Festival

Last Saturday Justin went to go volunteer with Alcon to paint a daycare so I was trying to find something to do with the boys. My mom said that Weatherford was having their annual peach festival and we should take the boys.

See, here's my problem...I think things sound fun but I live in this delusional world. You would think I have learned my lesson with all the FFF outings in my life. No, apparently I'm a gluten for punishment. Remember my comment about Fort Worth Flop and how I act like a 5 yr. old when it's hot outside??? Let me just say that it's so hot in Texas right now that I can't even put my own children in the car without starting the car and rolling down all the windows for fear of baking them.

Parking was an issue so we had to park at one of the schools and take a school bus. Nolan never rode in one and was a big fan. Once again, my children were was me. I can't take the 103 degree heat, no shade, and a double stroller. Dead serious, I was about to pay someone for air conditioning. I tell Justin on more than one occasion that God purposely put me in this generation because he knew that I couldn't survive any other prior. Call me a princess, but I gotta have A/C!

We ate some very delicious homemade peach ice cream and peach cobbler...that made the beating well worth it. I felt guilty for two desserts but I swear I sweat the equivalent of my own body weight. Campbell wins the best baby award. I never heard a fuss! Oh wait, take the back. He did when I ran out of the ice cream...he was digging that! We stayed about an hour and then the heat just zapped us...or at least me and the grandparents. Nolan had a great time and had the hardest time saying "peach festival." I took a video of his rendition of how to say it.

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