Tuesday, July 7, 2009

GRAND ol' time

Gram, Pop, and Aunt Rainey came in town from Kentucky to help celebrate Campbell's first birthday. It was so great to have them here when Campbell was born and a year later to celebrate yet again. It was a short visit but we jam packed in the fun. Friday night we went out with our close family friends Shay and Paige to dinner at Rio Mambo...yum. Those Kentuckyians can't get enough of good Mexican food but neither can I! Saturday was party day at the pool and after naps we headed to Central Market for some Burgers and Bock time. It was sweltering hot but we ate inside and then enjoyed some tunes outside. The band playing that night is one of Justin's coworkers from Alcon and Nolan was a dance machine. He kept saying, "I love rock-n-roll!"

Sunday we went to church, had a leisurely lunch and grilled out Sunday night. We were all a little pooped but we definitely made the most of our time. Nolan was pretty sad to see them go on Monday and kept asking if we were going to see them at the beach tomorrow. We're not going to the end of July but it's hard to explain a month in 3 year old terms. What a great visit!

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