Monday, July 13, 2009

A visit to eat lunch with Daddy

The boys have been keeping me really busy and now that swim lessons are over, we can actually go and do things. Glad we did it but seriously it was starting to feel like a job...getting two kids in swimsuits (me too), towels, sunscreen...all for just a 30 min lesson. Last week we decided to go have lunch with Justin. Alcon has a gorgeous campus with ducks, huge coy fish, beautiful sand volleyball courts, and fountains. Nolan LOVES it. We chased the ducks...I think we scared them but then they flew to the pond and let us feed them. Next we were on to feed the coy. Those things are the size of small children. After about 10 minutes outside and sweating profusely in the 100 degree heat, we went inside so Justin could show off the boys.

I think he thinks that Justin plays all day with a campus like that. Now the only thing Nolan can talk about is his "work". I asked him all about it. He said that he works at a place called "Intruven" (clever name I thought!) and that I can come up there and see his kids. Here's more of our conversation:

A: So where is your work?

N: It's way far far away. You can't see it from here.

A: What do you do for your job?

N: I work at the computer and we watch movies like Dalmations and we eat candy.

A: Wow, your work sounds awesome.

N: Yea, and (in a whisper) we eat chocolate ice cream!

It was the cutest thing in the world hearing him say chocolate ice cream in a whisper like it was a secret.

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