Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Movie time

I took Nolan along with Granddad to his first movie in a movie theater. I was a little nervous as some movies don't keep his attention. We went to go see the movie UP last week and it was a hit. At first he was a little taken back that it was so dark in the theater but was a really good sport. The only minor issue was that he couldn't sit back in the chair because the chair would eat him and snap him up like a clam.

He decided to sit in Granddad's lap and even though Granddad fell asleep Nolan was in a trance the entire time. It was my dad's second time to see it because he fell asleep the first time in it too. I told him he should just save his money and take a free nap at home.

Nolan talked about the movie all the way home about how much he loved it. He said it was too long but in the same breath how it was his favorite movie. I'm so glad this first experience was such a positive one! Justin took him on Friday to go see Dolphins in iMax at the Omni. This made me even more nervous because I know adults who can't handle it. Once again, Nolan was awesome and Justin said he would say, "Wow, that is so beautiful!" when they would show an aerial view of the ocean and islands. Looks like we have a movie buff on our hands!
movie ticket in hand
Nolan in his trance with Granddad

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