Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Anniversary Trip Day 1

ColoOur first day on our trip was so great. We had an early flight. Even without kids we somehow seem to make our ride to the airport a mad dash like we're on Amazing Race, I swear. Once we made it on the plane, the flight itself was so fast. Guess that's what happens when you're not worried about your kids being loud. And get this...I got to read a book! I haven't read a book on an airplane in over four years!

We got into Denver and headed straight to Jack-n-Grill after Justin saw it on Man vs. Food on the Travel Channel. They are the home of the 7 lb. burrito but we weren't brave enough to get that, we just stuck with the regular breakfast burrito which seemed to be 7 lbs. I love how Justin is wearing a "Maintain don't Gain" shirt as he's eating this beast of a burrito.

Next we headed to Red Rocks to see the amphitheater. It was pretty warm in Denver when we decided to make the hike in flipflops up to see amphitheater but well worth it. I'm panting as loud as a dog and meanwhile there are all these people running up and down the stadium like it was just a fun jog. I bet concerts are so much fun there right in the middle of the mountains. The whole trip we keep blaming the altitude for everything. Then it just got to be the running joke throughout our trip any time something went wrong. And boy did it ever, stayed tuned for Day 2 and 3 coming soon.

After that, we thought we'd take the scenic route which is funny to say when everything is scenic in Colorado. Next we headed to the Big Thompson Highway. It's this meandering highway in the middle of the most beautiful canyons. I totally felt like someone might be filming us in our rental car for a commercial...perfect scene with the winding road! I was in sensory overload trying to take all of it in. I must have looked like a kid seeing Disney World for the first time. Then we came across this adorable picnic area nestled in the canyon. I can't even explain how absolutely picturesque it was but here's my attempt to try.

Finally we made to Estes Park and got to check-in to the Taharaa. I highly recommend this place to anyone looking for a great B&B. The breakfasts were phenomenal and the view looked fake it was so beautiful.
After having a happy hour at the lodge we headed to town for a casual dinner. On the way we saw a big group of Elk coming to down from the mountains to feed. It was so amazing to see wildlife that huge in the middle of the road.

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