Sunday, March 8, 2009

YOURget melts

Campbell has started eating what I refer to as "baby crack". They're called Puffs and if you know any parent of a baby, you will no doubt see them in their pantry or diaper bag. It's the new Cheerio of the 21st century. Babies love them so much, that even Nolan wants to snack on them now when I'm giving them to Campbell. Probably because he vividly remembers eating bowl after bowl of them when he was a baby. Well even since we had Nolan now they've come up with a new version of baby crack called "yogurt melts." Cam loves them and Nolan is always begging for some too. They're little dried yogurt bites and they're not too bad (I've tried them myself!)

Nolan has a hard time saying yogurt and I think it's so adorable. How you can you say Brachiosaurus and not say yogurt?

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