Sunday, March 29, 2009

FFF- Kite style

Just when I thought the Forced Family Fun was over...not so fast. We bought Nolan a kite about a month ago but the weather hasn't been very cooperative and we kept telling him that it needs to be windy in order to fly a kite. Well on Monday he went outside and realized that it was windy so we went. Little did we know how windy it was and that it was a HORRIBLE day to "blow kites" as Nolan says. When we went out to the field there was dust flying everywhere and Nolan completely had a meltdown about it. We tried to convince him it would be fun. Meanwhile, Campbell is on a blanket in the field and the blanket keeps blowing over his head and he starts crying because he's being strangled by the blanket. There were brief moments of no wind and in those few seconds Nolan seemed to have fun. This first photo pretty much sums up what he thought of the whole thing. Our kite flying lasted about 15 minutes before we packed up in the car again and he said, "I want to give my kite to someone else." Hopefully, he's not traumatized forever and will fly a kite someday.

This picture below is worth the click to enlarge to see sweet Campbell watching the kite

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