Thursday, March 26, 2009

Tummy troubles

Just when I think that things are getting easier, one of the boys throw a doozie at me. And when I say doozie I mean the tummy bug and everything that goes along with that. Last night Campbell was really going to town at dinner...yogurt, sweet potatoes, mandarin oranges and of course puffs and yogurt melts. Well I was getting ready to take him upstairs for a bath when he decided that it was so yummy that he wanted to show it to me again. It was a huge mess and all OVER me. You're not really a parent until you've been vomited on. So I guess last night I became a parent three times throughout the course of the night. I made the mistake of giving him a bottle shortly thereafter. Note to new parents (or not very smart parents like me last night): Don't give a baby a bottle shortly after they just threw up. You'll never guess what will happen.

The poor guy couldn't keep anything down-not even Pedialyte. So Justin stayed home with the boys today since I'm out of sick days after using them all up at the beginning of the year for maternity leave. I know it was the right thing to do but on days like this I feel like the worst mom leaving him and not being able to take care of him. Justin, once again, was Mr. Mom and took care of him today with good TLC. I'm crossing my fingers for more sleep tonight.

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