Friday, March 27, 2009

Dad of the Year

My husband is officially the sweetest man and best dad ever. I, on the other hand, feel like the worst mother ever. Last night, Campbell started fussing about 3:00 a.m from what I'm sure was his tummy issues. So since I had been thrown up on 3 times the night prior, I asked Justin if he would take a turn last night so I could get some more sleep.

Apparently, the diaper disaster was beyond any disaster we've ever experienced between our two boys and all over Cam and his crib. Justin calls for backup over the monitor talking directly into it so that I'll hear downstairs and come to his rescue, right? He called for me 4-5 times and even whistled over the stairs. This is my response....zzzzzzzz. I was completely out...good thing we didn't get robbed or anything. He had to give Cam a bath at 3:00 a.m. and then go take a shower himself! After he gets out, Campbell starts fussing again and by then I think Justin had his fill of Campbell for a while and makes sure that I wake up to go take a turn at 4:30. I felt so horrible. I think of myself as somewhat of a light sleeper but I guess this week of sleepless rest with a sick baby and going back to work after Spring Break finally caught up to me. Justin was a lot more understanding than I would have been. Most men would have walked into that room and walked right out. Justin is definitely a keeper.

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