Wednesday, December 23, 2009

We are Santa's Elves

Ho ho ho
Ho ho ho
We are Santa's elves.
We are Santa's elves
Filling Santa's shelves
With a toy
For each girl and boy.
I could recite the entire song for you maybe even when a little dance but I'll spare you the agony. If you're a parent of a 4 year old you know this song by heart. I'm referring to the soundtrack from Rudolph the Red Nosed know the claymation from 1964? What a classic. It's one of the many movies in our holiday collection.

Let's back I must admit that I've begun a little obsession in our son. I'm not sure if it was when we elfed ourselves or if it was Pickles from Elf on the Shelf but something definitely started Nolan's love with elves this year. He kept telling me that he wanted to be an elf for Christmas but I just shrugged it off kind of when he said he wanted to be Wolverine for the Christmas pageant, but this time he wouldn't let it go. So I casually mentioned it to my mom. Well when it comes to costumes, nothing is casual in conversation with my mother. She loves any opportunity to work on a costume for the kids. I mean look at their costumes from the Christmas pageant! She ran all over town and pieced together this costume. Nolan went nuts for it and I mean literally he went a little crazy. So far we've worn it for 5 days straight. Don't worry, I got a washing in there somewhere when he spilled yogurt on it (with a little meltdown, of course). As soon as he put it on we were in the car and he started making DJ requests immediately for We are Santa's Elves and he was singing that and Have a Holly Jolly Christmas at the top of his lungs. It was really hard for me not to die laughing. He is #1 when it comes to having Christmas spirit.

He even wore it to church on Sunday after he swore he would be so good in it. Everyone asked if there was a Christmas program at church that morning. Nope, he just likes to dress up like an elf!

We went to visit Justin at lunch today and he said on the way, "I think Daddy's friends are going like my costume." Well they loved it. All these people at Alcon were stopping and taking his picture. It reminded me of the movie Elf when Will Ferrell visits his dad at work and he thinks he's there to give him a Christmas gram.

But the ultimate is when he said with such sincerity, "I've always wanted to be an elf for Christmas. I love Grandma." Now if we can only get him to put it away after Christmas...

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