Thursday, December 17, 2009

Best (or worst) Christmas pageant ever!

Every year the boys do a Christmas pageant with their school. One of the many things I love about them going to a daycare in a church. It was very hectic getting there (just like always) and having the boys dressed and ready to go. Nolan has been going through a huge separation anxiety phase for the past week where he cries about missing me (another reason for mother's guilt). So when I dropped him off he was bawling and I just had a feeling he wasn't going to be very cooperative with the pageant.

Campbell was supposed to wear a red sweater but since he was going to be a sheep, I didn't want him to get overheated so I threw on an old ratty long sleeve t-shirt. Well, we forgot the sweater in the car and so Justin handed it to the director to put on Campbell.

So Campbell's class is the first out and he comes out in his ratty t-shirt but I'm just thinking they ran out of time to put it on him. I'm a little embarrassed that all the other kids are in their cute outfits and my child is up there in play clothes but not too big of a deal. He was precious singing Jingle Bells and ringing his bells.

Then Nolan's class comes out. Nolan comes on stage in Campbell's sweater!!!!! Apparently, there was a BIG miscommunication and they put Campbell's sweater on Nolan! YES... a 2T sweater on my 4 year old who's wearing a size 4 in little boys clothes because he's so tall. I can't believe they got the thing on his head. He looked completely ridiculous and he was pouting so bad. He refused to sing. I'm not sure if it was the separation anxiety or the fact that he couldn't sing because the sweater was too tight. He just sat on the stairs in his "mini t" while the others sang. It was so quiet in there that I could hear crickets chirping. The director said that Nolan is the loudest singer of them all and she wanted him to wear a Santa hat. Well I guess that was just for practice because he didn't sing a word! Look at how sad this picture is. You can tell he's just hating it being up there in that sweater!

Finally, it's time for the nativity scene. I think Nolan is so happy to hide that tight sweater that he was an awesome shepherd. Campbell came waddling down the aisle in his sheep costume and was so adorable that I couldn't stand it!

After the show, a special visitor showed up and the boys got a chance to sit in Santa's lap. I can't believe that Campbell didn't cry.

This is definitely a Christmas pageant we won't forget all because of that sweater! I told Justin to not be surprised if out family gets nominated for the angel tree after that pageant with our children and their clothes looking like ragamuffins!


  1. I don't think I've laughed that hard in a LONG time! What a hoot. Bet Nolan was thinking what has my mommy done to me now. :)



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