Monday, December 21, 2009

Get your holly jolly on...

We've been going to our church now for about 6 years and for about 4 of those years I think we might have been the only young couple that was actively involved. We love our church, don't get us wrong, but we were a little concerned that the boys were getting older and the only ones in the nursery. Well with much prayer, boy have things changed in the past 6 months. We have a new minister, Rob Morris, and we just absolutely adore him. He does have three kids of his own so it helped double our children attendance immediately!

Because he's so funny and popular word got out and more and more young families are joining which makes us so excited! We actually have Children's Church now! And let me tell you since I'm one of the teachers, they are a lively group of kiddos! I usually need a nap on those Sundays. Nolan absolutely LOVES church and gets so excited about going...nothing could make me happier.

We're starting to meet once a month or so sometimes with kids and sometimes for some adult time with just the parents. This month, Justin and I volunteered to plan, and we went downtown so the kids could see Santa and then headed to the church for a yummy Mexican meal...tamales, rice, beans, and some to-die-for sopapilla cake. It was perfect, we hooked the kids up with some movies and let them run wild while we played games, laughed and did a white elephant gift exchange.

I'm so excited about this new energy in our church and I can't wait to see what the future holds!
8 families showed totaling 15 kids (not all pictured)

just chillin' next to Santa in his sleigh
giving Santa some love
the family pic with SantaCampbell just taking it all in
the kids entranced with watching movies at church
can you tell they were having fun?

One of the many white elephant gifts...this one was ours. Hard to give that one up...not really

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