Monday, December 7, 2009

Cookie monsters

I still have very vivid memories of baking cookies with my mom at Christmas. It was so much fun rolling the dough, cutting out the cookies and icing them. I think it might be why homemade iced sugar cookies are still my favorite cookies.

This year my sister, Tonya, and my nieces came over to join in the fun. We put on the movie Elf (another one of my favorites), and got started on some Christmas cookie fun. I was surprised at how Nolan really was into it this year. Last year, he liked it but was done after about 10 minutes. This year he was right in there with the dough rolling, cookie cutting, and icing them with the rest of them. The problem was trying to get the kids to not eat so many so we would have some left over for a few days for us all to share.

Campbell wasn't so much into the cookie making...he was more of a cookie taster. He's a smart kid, making everyone else do all the hard work and then delighting in the cookie goodness...I can't blame him! Before you judge too quickly, it looks worse than it really was. After he attacked the icing, he only ate half the cookie.
Rollin with Nolan
Look at that fine cookie artNolan helping with the icingGrandma in the kitchen with her grandkidsHe didn't know where to start. He couldn't get it in his mouth quick he started with his nose!Everyone was in the kitchen

the final works of art!

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