Saturday, December 5, 2009

Wait a minute, Mr. Postman!

I found the cutest stationery at Target for some serious Santa writing. Nolan knows all of his letters back and forth. Not so much how to use them to make words just yet, but we can just yell out what letters to write and he's good to go.

So we sat down Friday night and decided what we really wanted to tell Santa about. It took some time but I'm REALLY proud of my 4 year old for getting every letter right and writing his first letter to Santa. We did the whole nine yards. He wore reindeer antlers, a Santa hat, addressed the envelope to the North Pole, slapped a stamp on it, and ran to the mailbox to mail it. Seriously, does it get any better than that? Having kids really makes you a kid again when it comes to holidays. It's just the best.

I took a picture of the letter but just in case you're wondering what it says:

Dear Santa,

I've been good. Please bring Elefun, Up (the movie), and Lightning McQueen, Tia, Mia with feathers (we're back into Cars again if you couldn't tell).

Thank you, Nolan

I'm sure he would have asked for more but we ran out of room. Now the trick is teaching him that we can't write him a letter EVERY day. Once again, I have put myself on shopping timeout for him. I remember this starting last year. You can't help but want to get them some "little" thing but before you know it, it's out of control and you remind yourself when you put things back on the shelf what you want your kids to remember about this season...Jesus!

Writing the letter
high five for being a rock star with his letters
So proud...The official letterAddressing the envelopeAlmost done, slip it in the mailboxOn the way to the North Pole!

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