Monday, September 1, 2008

Labor Day Laughs

What a fun weekend! We managed to squeeze in as much fun as we possibly could in three days. We went to go to our nephew, Eric's, 12th birthday celebration with the family on Saturday, church on Sunday, and we fed the ducks and went to the park on Labor Day. We even enjoyed a very nice dinner without inhaling our food down in record time with both boys on Friday night. And...drum roll please...Campbell made it without a feeding 7 hours for two nights! YEE HAW! Can't get a better weekend than that! Here are some pictures from our fun-filled adventures.
Campbell sure does love his Granddad. They do share the same middle name after all.

Melt my heart!
Nolan loved riding the "American-go-round"
We actually saw this heron catch spear this fish and watched the poor guy get eaten. It was a real life Discover channel moment!

Nolan loved the turtles, ducks, and herons. He wasn't so sure about the geese once they started honking.
Let's go feed the ducks mom!

Here we are finished feeding the ducks, now it's time to play on the playground!

Campbell's talking to Gram in Kentucky. Who says babies can't talk? He was cooing up a storm telling her about all the fun we had this weekend. She loved it!


  1. You look fantastic! Have you started back to school yet?

  2. not yet, I got back Oct. 6th. It's like this huge knot in my gut just thinking about it. How was it for you taking off the first six weeks. I'm so nervous about the tornado I'm going back to but family is what matter the most!



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