Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Cars birthday bash

Before I became a mom, I vowed that I would absolutely not allow my children to wear character outfits/shoes/socks... I'm more of the type of mom that likes my boys to look like little guys instead of decked out in Spongebob, Elmo, or Thomas paraphernalia. But I must admit when you have little Disney eyes looking at you and asking for something in that super cute voice, I'm a pushover just like the rest of them. Nolan is obsessed with Cars. I mean it might actually be an addiction. He can name makes/models of cars. Anything from an Impala, Dodge Ram, Cobalt, Corolla, Tundra...he knows it. It's like he's a cool party trick these days.

I thought I would be able to talk him into having a pirate or dinosaur party...not so much. He was 100% set on having a Lightning McQueen party. So I let my pride down and let him win this battle. He even has Lightning McQueen underwear. Hey I'm desperate to finalize this potty training deal (we've been in underwear for a week! WOOHOO!). And let me just say that they have EVERYTHING possible out there for the movie Cars. He got flashlights, keyboards, slippers, plates, you name it. So while I must admit that I was really hesitant to have this Cars party, it really was a lot of fun. I guess kids really do know how to have more fun than grown ups. You can see the rest of our pictures from the party if you click on the link for Snapfish.

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