Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Double your pleasure, double your fun!

My best friend Angi and I have been best friends since 5th grade. Actually I didn't like her much in 5th grade, but in 6th grade I decided I liked her. Ever since then, I consider her my best friend to this day. She had twins 11 days before I had Campbell so we've experienced everything together. Her babies were early and stayed in the NICU so we even experienced our first night home with the babies together and called each other crying the next morning. She goes back to work tomorrow and I'm probably going to feel so lonely because we seriously have the longest conversations everyday about motherhood. Somedays we can't stop smiling at all that God has blessed us with and other days we talk about the guilt and hair-pulling moments of motherhood. We got the babies together last week and they "played". It was more eventful than our last playdate where the slept the entire time. We've already prearranged Reese and Campbell's marriage and that Tucker and Campbell will be best buds like their mommies are. Here are some pictures of our fun day...
Best buds
Campbell making the moves on Reese
Hey you better leave my sister alone or I'll let you have it!

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