Saturday, May 29, 2010

Hey Batter!

Soccer is officially over. For someone who really would rather watch paint dry than watch a soccer game, I can say that it definitely grew on me. But then again it was my little guy out there playing, and I can pretty much watch him do anything.
Now we're starting t-ball because you know taking a break and having a breather from the rat race of practice and games is so overrated! Actually, I really wanted to find something to keep us busy during the summer and t-ball season goes through the end of June. There are definitely practices when I'm sweating through my shirt where I'm second-guessing my decision.

If you are ever feeling down and need a good laugh, go to a t-ball game. I haven't laughed that hard in a long time. Once again, I can't help but think that boys are the cutest things ever when they're dressed up like grown-ups. So seeing them all dressed up like they're major league baseball players was beyond adorable. One of my favorite moments was watching them look like little bobble heads with their batting helmets on. When the batter would hit it, the entire team (infield and all) would run to the outfield to get the ball. We're still trying to teach "play your position" but he's catching on so quickly. Just look at this action!

Since Nolan's baseball obsession started last summer with the movie Everyone's Hero (he even had a baseball birthday party), t-ball has come very quickly for him. He can knock the stuffin' out of that ball and has a really good arm. He even knocked one so far that I just know was going to be a homerun, but a dad on the other team stopped it with his foot. No, I'm not bitter about that at all. We're still working on catching. He even got the first out of the game and gets a lot of action since he's playing first base. I was so proud of him and screaming my embarrassing "I don't care what you think of me, I'm proud of my baby" scream.

One of the dads came up to me and said, "Are you Nolan's mom? Because I really couldn't tell." I love someone with as much sarcasm as me. Was it that obvious?

 maybe he's just a little nervous...
Coach Eric giving him the talk to get his chicken arms out
Proof that he's got his eyes on the ball...good job Nolan!
running to third
gotta give Mommy five for doing such a great job
our first baseman
Meanwhile, Campbell was the bat boy. I think he thinks that means taking all the bats off the fence.

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