Monday, August 17, 2009

Nolan Ryan

Well maybe that's not really his name but he's definitely taken to baseball. One day this summer my parents watched the boys. My parents are the equivalent to Netflix when it comes to their movie selection. We "rent" from them quite often. My mom bought this new movie called Everyone's Hero about baseball and now it's his newest obsession. To be honest, I'm ok with starting a new one. Cars was starting to get old after two years. Now he sleeps with his baseball, wears a baseball hat 24/7, and imitates the movie several times a day with conversations we have.

So we got out the t-ball set along with the bat and baseball and he's really good! He can make contact with the real bat when we pitch to him. My favorite was when he was up to bat and he suddenly spit on the ground. I was a little disturbed but he told me, "That's what they do in baseball." So funny! He likes to throw the ball and act like it's in slow motion like the movie too and his facial expressions are hysterical. He had a hard time remembering where to put his hands on the bat so I came up with a little reminder since he had a freckle on his left hand. I told him to put his freckle on the bottom. Now when he picks up the bat I can hear him whisper to himself, "Put your freckle on the bottom." He's really good at taking pointers and doing what we tell him. So now when I play with him he'll tell me, "Mommy, don't take your eyes off the ball!" Here's a few of my favorites!

Nolan's interpretation of Yankee Irving (below)...pretty good!

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