Sunday, August 30, 2009

Kissing Cousins

This summer on two different occasions, I had my nieces come spend the night with us. Avery came at the beginning of the summer and helped get us to swim lessons and Adalyn came at the end of the summer for one last slumber party before school. You would think I'm crazy having another one spend the night but they are so wonderful to have over. It's like having a nanny here with as much energy as they do to keep up with them and play with them. The boys love them and love all the attention and playtime they get when they're over. They are such sweet girls and it's hard to believe that Justin and I used to have slumber parties with them over when they were little and now they're helping us!

Adalyn and Campbell-they definitely got the Hispanic genes in the family. Look at those tans!
Given some lovin'

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