Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Backyard blast

These pictures are long overdue but that's what happens when you have two trips back to back. We have this giant spray ball in the backyard. Nolan HATES (yes with all capitals) water being sprayed on his face. We filled up the ball and since we had left it outside for extended time the last time we used it, the bladder of the ball (as Justin refers to it) didn't cooperate. So Justin's solution? Take it out and wear it like a shower cap, of course. I was laughing so hard at the boys. Campbell was naked, Justin had on the shower cap, and Nolan was doing everything in his power not to get splashed by the giant spray ball. Of course, since Cam was naked and there was water flowing, he had the urge to go on Justin. We had so much fun! It seems like all those last minute things that happen in the spur of the moment are the best memories we have.

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