Friday, August 21, 2009

Nap please

I do a take back for all those times as a child that I didn't nap. Right now, I could literally fall asleep standing up. Guess you can figure out that school's about to start. It's hard going from a fun summer of no schedules to go go go again but I cherish my time that I had with them this summer. I took the boys up to school with me to "work" in my classroom. I didn't get too much done that day but it was fun having them up there with me. Nolan absolutely loved it and thought that being at school was pretty cool. They even helped me move desks and chairs. It was so precious, Campbell was moving chairs in my about child labor! I stayed a little longer than I planned to and they were WORN out. When we got back they both took 3 hour naps and I finally had to wake them up because I was scared that they wouldn't go to sleep that night.

Obviously, they were out if they let me take this picture!

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