Monday, August 10, 2009

Being jolly at Folly

What a great way to end summer. We headed to Folly Beach, South Carolina with Justin's side of the fam two weeks ago. We all stayed in the same house right on the beach. Even with staying on the beach, it seemed to take us an hour just to get ready for the beach. Guess that's how it goes with little ones. Campbell was not a fan of the beach for the first couple of days, but after we taught him (and he mostly taught himself) the sand was not for eating, he seemed to like it better. Both boys came back with their hair even blonder. AND....Campbell got the Hispanic gene again from my mom. This boy is TAN!

I love that the boys got to spend some good quality time with their cousins, grandparents, and aunts and uncle. It was a week-long slumber party for Nolan. And I also loved how much they were exposed to with the ocean. We luckily saw dolphins, crabs, tons of starfish...not to mention everything we saw at the aquarium.

I think we just might make this a yearly tradition! Can't wait for next year! Maybe the beach won't be so much work next time when the boys are older!

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