Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Cute Man Walking

He's actually been walking now for practically a month. He took his first steps (3 of them) right before we left for Colorado and then when we got back he took 8 (and sported a nice busted lip). Then finally at the beach where there was a lot of action was when he really took off. And the rest they say, is history! Now he's practically running. He's been "almost walking" since he was 9 months. I would have bet money he was walking by his first birthday but he was enjoying being carried around too much. I was so worried that I wasn't going to get to see his first steps and that he would start walking when school started. He's never one to disappoint. I feel really blessed that I was fortunate to see him hit this milestone.

The two cutest things about him walking is seeing him in his little tennis shoes. He hasn't worn shoes up until now and just looks like a little old man walking now and I can't help but just grin ear to ear when I see him. Second, he totally knows he's cute and when he's walking (especially at church when he has an audience) and he just stops, waves, and giggles like "Look at how cute I am!" Well, he's right!

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