Thursday, August 27, 2009

First haircut!

We took Campbell to get his first haircut. It was hard for me with his cute curls to go but he had hair covering his ears so we decided to trim it up. I made sure to tell her not to cut the curls. He was pretty good for a 12 month old (this was last month). He was squirmy but the lady said as long as he wasn't kicking and screaming she was good. Only thing was that I was so busy snapping pictures, that I didn't grab much hair from his first haircut. I grabbed some but it was pathetic. Maybe he won't know when he's older and I can just grab some hair from his second haircut to put in his baby book!

before picture

getting wet

Look at him flirting! Can't imagine why everyone stops to talk to him.

After picture...what a cutie!

1 comment:

  1. He has the cutest curls!! I just saw your post after I posted Tucker's "first" haircut... great minds think alike.



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